2nd Annual New UM Student BBQ Recap

Alex Sirota held the 2nd annual new student BBQ at his home on July 22. We had 10 people come out including 3 new students. 5 of the attendees were recent graduates who had moved to Toronto.

Megg Meneguzzi ’18 who also hails from Toronto, joined us via Skype from San Francisco. She landed a terrific and challenging new job with a large technology company. Megg shared her experiences with academic and extracurricular activities while at Michigan. You could tell that the new students were a little nervous about the journey ahead. But the recent grads and old timers (like Alex) provided advice and sound recommendations. And above all the message that rang loud and clear: “work hard and play hard.”

The UMACT wants to thank Cindy Gould (Director of International Admissions) Jasmyn Irvine for their support of this event. We love working with you to help make this event a success. Next year we will hold the event in May to ensure everyone who is still in town can make the celebration.

Being a “leader and best” is just ahead for this new crop of Toronto Wolverines. We cannot wait to hear about their new adventures.